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The blog, for girls as well as boys, is mainly made up of photos and videos of gorgeous girls and young hetero couples but also naked men, male models and gay porn as well as bisexual porn and even some lesbian action. However I try to keep a balance between the two main categories. 

It's true this is MY blog and i'll mainly post the kind of porn I enjoy, but I also need some feedback to try and ajust to my vistors' main interests, i.e. YOUR interests. I'd like  to know whether I ought to post more (or less) items of this or that category.  Do you think there ought to be more (or fewer) videos ?  Hetero? Gay? Bisex videos ? 

A word for my American visitors :  I'd like to remind you, if necessary, that the word 'FANNY' in BRITISH english is  slang for the female  gentinal organs, more or less a synonym of 'pussy' and probably considered as vulgar and offensive.

Please provide feedback  and let me know with as much detail as possible what  you  suggest to improve the blog. (Either the outlook and the content).  You can either email me (my contact address is at the top of the  right side bar) or use the 'comment'  button.

Your contributions are welcome : not your money, certainly not ! This is an amateur free blog  that is totally non-commercial. By 'contributions' I mean  your photos and videos that I'd be delighted to add to the blog. Please, feel free to send  me porn (as long as it more or less fits the criteria I 'm referring  to below.)

Thanks a lot. 
Looking forward to  hearing from you. 
Blond Twink

I also wish to inform you of two special pages  (to be found in the 'Pages' section in the right side bar) that you might enjoy. 

The first is entitled 'Me, my sex, my porn and my blog' and it briefly explains the kind of sex I enjoy and practice,  the kind of porn I like watching and posting and consequently 

  • what type of porn visitors will regularly see here,  
  • what I'll occasionally  and fairly seldom post and 
  • what you will never, never find here.

The second page (also in the right side bar) is a list of files for DOWNLOAD. Each file contains about 25-50 photos (hetero, gay or bi). I'll add more files from time to time.  Don't hesitate to give me feedback about these photo sets and even contribute your own ones.  Thanks a lot. 

(LAST UPDATE : October 1st, 2017.)

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